Cut Me Up Issue 3: Tabula Rasa

Cut Me Up Issue 3: Tabula Rasa


Cut Me Up Issue 3: Tabula Rasa
36 Pages

Cut Me Up Issue 3: Tabula Rasa
offers 18 original artworks made in response to curator Todd Bartel’s call asking artists to reflect upon the condition of the planet.

The works in this issue address environmental issues of land ownership, destruction of resources and sustainability. These images also acknowledge the privilege of whiteness, consumption at the expense of inequity, and the white supremacy built into the fabric of our nation.

Tabula Rasa artists explore landscape through visualizations both of the destruction wrought, and through the potential of restoration and reclamation.

“Here are 18 icons about the omnipresent need for change — each image a sobering reflection of the world we live in now. Collage is the most democratic of languages because it is about balancing differences in unison, and that is something worth working toward. Here are 18 calls for landviews — wisdom governing the equitable and just use and distribution of natural resources,” Todd Bartel, curator.

About Cut Me Up:

Cut Me Up is a participatory magazine of visual call and response founded by Andrea Burgay. Each issue presents a call—a curated selection of original collage images that will become raw material for reader-artists to respond by cutting, reconfiguring, and transforming them into new artworks. The newly created responses will form the content of the next issue.

Patty Armstrong
Olivia Browne
Cheryl Chudyk
Eric Dinyer
Rubén Frejo        
Luciana Frigerio
Rasha Hamid
C.P. Harrison
Ashanté Kindle
Alejandra Koreck
Laurent Seljan (Cover)
Jon Legere
Janice McDonald
W. David Powell
Billy Renkl
Perishable Rush
Ruth Saporito
Lydia Selk

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