LIFE EDUCATION - Guru Overlord

LIFE EDUCATION - Guru Overlord


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LIFE EDUCATION hails from Fort Collins, CO and is the Krautrock exponent of composer Patrick R. Pärk, previously of Kösmonaut.

Guru Overlord is the newest release from Patrick R. Pärk’s LIFE EDUCATION. Droning synth bursts and d-tuned guitars coast along Kraut-inspired Motorik grooves.

With influences ranging from CAN, Electric Orange, Turzi, and Grails, Guru Overlord is a constantly evolving kaleidoscope for dope smoking head bangers that introduces  21st century modal meditations.


01. Guru Thunder Child
02. Where Is the Future?
03. Canyon Decay
04. Guru Overlord
05. Agitated Altar
06. New Territories
07. Geographical Gate
08. Holistic Medicine Expansion
09. The Future Is Here & Now

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