Rubber Boy - Boyish Man

Rubber Boy - Boyish Man

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Rubber Boy is the solo recording project of Alex Waxman. Mannish Boy was recorded over a two year period of major life transition in which Waxman became a father, left a neighborhood where he’d lived for nearly a decade, wound down his band Prewar, and the chickens (adulthood) fully came home to roost.

The album picks up at the slower, quieter material on Pre War’s Dust Off the Ark (the apotheosis and culmination of a decade’s worth of rock and roll ambitions), while striking out in a new direction—slightly countrified, more contemplative, and less concerned with making a ruckus in favor of lyricism and song craft. The songs on Boyish Man are the first in which every lyric was written out, sweated over, worked and reworked. The album is an attempt to make sense of large, unwieldy matters approaching in slow motion. “Day in the Life” is a look at the the day-to-day domestic struggle. “The Cynic” views office life from the point of view of an embittered employee. “Warmish” mulls the implications of parenthood. The lyrics throughout aspire to a kind of poetic abstraction.

The album is designed as a cohesive piece of work, meant to flow seamlessly from front to back with atmospheric interludes to cleanse the palette and reset the mood. It’s an album for putting on and letting play through in a solitary setting (probably with a drink or three). The ambient interludes are diaristic, collages meant that conjure the sonic stew, headspace, and atmosphere in which the songs were created with layered field recordings from the subway, the Catskill Mountains, and radio waves, including extended excerpts from an interview with the Yippie activist Abbie Hoffman.

The album features contributions from drummer Stephen Reader, and pedal steel by the New York based player Dan Lead. The duo from Sine Studios in Philadelphia provided invaluable patience, expertise, and encouragement in bringing the project to fruition.


01. Day in the Life - 2:30
02. The Cynic - 3:04
03. Washed Away - 6:48
04. Interlude - 1:00
05. Warmish - 4:00
06. Interlude II - 2:22
07. Everytime, First Time - 3:11
08. Red Dye #4 - 5:49
Outro - 2:43

All song written and performed by Alex Waxman

Percussion by Stephen Reader
Pedal Steel by Dan Lead

Piano on "Day in the Life" by Mike Teacher
Bass on "Warmish" by Ben Johnson

Recorded and mixed at Sine Studios by Matt Teacher and Mike Lawson
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering

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